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What People Are Saying



"I've seen Marya for prenatal and postnatal massage, an injury-related massage and for general relaxation massage and cannot say enough great things about her. She takes her time to really get to the source of the problem and ensures you know at home stretches to do and general occupational activities to avoid that may exacerbate the healing muscle or joint. I think this is what I enjoy this most about her service-I feel like she partners with me on feeling my optimal best and cares a great deal about progress on or off her massage table. I have recommended her to all of my friends and trust them to her care entirely."

- Lyndsey D.


"Marya is absolutely amazing!!! I've known her for 4 years now and try to see her for a massage as frequently as possible (at least once a month). I really like light pressure but need the therapeutic stuff and Marya is always great about working out my problem spots but leaving me feeling relaxed and open. I really need the work on an injured shoulder but love massage on my feet and she's always able to cover everything we talk about before the session.
She has a great touch and a personality to match which I think is hard to find with a lot of massage therapists. With her wide range of expertise, you'll be hard pressed to find another as professional as she is!"

- Nancy H.


"Fantastic massage! Marya is a very knowledgable and skilled massage therapist who cares deeply about her clients.  I feel very comfortable with her and trust in her ability to help relieve my pain and stress.  She asks the right questions to discern what amount of pressure to use and what areas to focus on for each session."

- Deborah W.


"Marya is one of the most compassionate, skilled therapists I have been to (and I have been to many!).  In the two very different (by my request) massages I got from her, she fully addressed my needs, and I appreciated her knowledge, versatility, and her beautifully calm energy.  She has a true gift for touch and a healing spirit."

- Allison C.

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